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Courses in Chinese Dietary Therapy (CDT)

'discover the energetic qualities of food'


Basic Principles is an overview of TCM nutritional theory covering the natures of foods, the digestive process and the principles of preventative and remedial diet.

Preventative Nutrition will focus on the nurturing of life through nutrition, the protection of the digestive system and the cultivation of good eating practice.

Remedial Nutrition will focus on the treatment of Zang Fu imbalances through diet. Looking at when diet is and is not appropriate treatment, different types of diet and treatment of serious disease.

Healing Soup cookery day: a day of cooking, eating and teaching. This day is an opportunity to learn about the healing power of soups. During the day there will be a number of different soups cooked with specific therapeutic benefits . The day is based on Chinese Medical theory.

Clinical approach to Chinese Dietary Therapy: giving dietary advice to patient, how to develop and present dietary programs, and choose the best approach. There will be live case studies, case histories, and open discussion.

Cooking for Veronica: two practical day of cooking, tasting and experimenting with food based on Chinese Medicine diagnosis. The days will also include formulating treatment plans for case studies and the cooking of meals for live case histories. These fun days are designed to challenge and consolidate you understanding of CDT.

Day seminars can be created around your intrest, please ask.