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Back Pain:

I have suffering with pain in my lower back for close to two years. Initially I just thought it would go by itself. By six months I decided to do something about it but did not know where to turn. The GP could not help but gave me some anti-inflammatorys, which I was reluctant to take but took the edge off the pain.

Eventually a friend recommended Graeme. During the second treatment I could feel my back start to uncoil and relax. On the third treatment Graeme suggested we combine Tui Na massage to support the acupuncture. I have never had anything like it, he just seemed to know where it was tight and painful, I felt a gentle breeze over my back and the pain left. It took more treatments to resolve years of heavy work and abuse but now I feel great and see Graeme to maintain my body and support energy levels. 

Male 45, Landscape Gardner.