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Low energy and difficulty conceiving:

I initially came to see Graeme for an MOT. I had no specific health concerns but did not feel 100%. After the medical history Graeme explained to me what he had discovered through his observations, questions, tongue and pulse diagnosis. I discovered that my digestive system was weak and this was the reason for the bloating after food and my perpetual worry. He talked through each one of my body systems and relating them to my symptoms many of which I had not told him about, as they seemed too insignificant.  He treated me with acupuncture and dietary/lifestyle advice. My bloating with food has improved, I have had no headaches and my eyes feel less tired. My menstrual cycle is more regular and with less pain and pre-menstrual tension. I generally feel better in myself. I also recently conceived, something I have been trying for, for 2 years. Thank you Graeme for all your support and advice!!!

Female 34, Designer and Mother (to be).