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Neck pain/tennis elbow and exhaustion:

A couple of years ago I developed a cricked neck and sore elbow. I often go for massage and asked if she could do anything about it. After a couple of goes, she referred me to Graeme, teasing me that I needed the hard stuff.  During the first session Graeme diagnosed me with tennis elbow and referred me to the GP for a second opinion. I saw him a couple of times in quick succession after that where he used acupuncture, cupping, moxabustion and Tui Na massage to clear the tension.  The treatments were strong and powerful, as he works he encourages you to use the breath to aid relaxation whilst he moves years of tension.  In a couple of weeks the neck pain was gone though the elbow took 6-8 weeks.  At this point Graeme started to address why my muscles were so tight in the first place. He explained the Chinese medical perspective that made a lot of sense. He told me my body was hot and dry and started looking at the causes, one of the changes he suggested was to reduce my coffee intake.  This was not an easy thing for me, as I would often have 5-7 coffees and 1-2 teas per day. The less tea and coffee I drank the more tired I became.  I work long hours and like to keep fit and have a busy social life. Graeme explained that I was running on adrenalin, caffeine and sugar and my true energy levels were rock bottom. This was plundering my resources. He treated my energy levels with acupuncture, life style and dietary advice. He prescribed Qi Gong exercises to support my energy levels that seem very effective. After a while my energy levels came back up. During this time Graeme was still relieving the tension from my hip, back, shoulders and neck, which is now better than I can ever remember. I still come for maintenance or if I get a sport injury, but thankfully my energy is good and I now eat very little sugar and only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day.

Male 58, Accountant.