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About the consultations

Cosmetic acupuncture

At the beginning of your Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment Graeme will take a partial medical history, look at your tongue and feel your pulse on both wrists. He will ask you about your skin, look(?) and the areas of your face you wish to be treated and discuss the products you use.

You will then receive a body acupuncture treatment addressing the underlying causative factors of your facial tiredness, such as the Kidneys for dark lines under your eyes or the digestion for pronounced wrinkles on your forehead. Your makeup is removed and skin further analysed. This is followed by an acupressure treatment on your head and face to palpate and diagnose your facial structure and muscular definition. The acupressure also acts to relax you in preparation for the treatment. Specialised acupuncture needles are then used to target specific points working in the muscular and meridian systems. Between 60 and 130 needles will be used depending on your requirements and diagnosis.

At this point with the needles in you may have a TDP heat lamp placed above your face to aid circulation and revitalisation. After 15-20 minutes the needles are removed. You receive a second acupressure massage to assess the changes and then have the body points removed. You may also receive dermal stimulation therapy (Gua Sha) for enlarged pores or pigment change, gentle electrical stimulation to firm up muscular structure and facial exercises to improve definition. 

It is important not to receive Cosmetic Acupuncture on an empty stomach as this increases the possibility of dizziness.

It is not necessary to wear any special clothing. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations within the 24 hour period will incur a charge of the full fee.