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Infertility in men and women is a growing problem. Couple often struggle conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy full term. Many have found acupuncture to be of help in both conceiving and maintaining a natural or IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) pregnancy.

In Chinese Medicine we look at the health of the organism as a whole taking into consideration life style, diet, emotional health as well as organic disturbances. Acupuncture is then used to support the body to establish a healthy cycle in women and enable appropriate sperm production and mobility in men.

be beneficial in boosting fertility and to help improve the chances of IVF success, by preparing the body for conception, pregnancy and birth generally. The treatments are individual and tailored to your specific condition.

It is important to start the life style adjustments, dietary changes and acupuncture treatment at least three months before trying to conceive naturally or by using IVF. This gives time for the body to gradually adjust and prepare for conception as well as strengthen the physiological mechanisms to insure a full term.

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