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Nourishing Life

Yang Shen or Nourishing life is the name given to how we look after ourselves. In Chinese Medicine we see that our lives’ actions play an important role in our wellbeing.

Nourishing life is an important part of the Chinese Medicine treatment as it addresses some of the causative factors of disease as well as supporting you to read the signs and symptoms of your body.

Nourishing life involves looking at life style including exercise, dietary habits and emotional belief patterns. The practices of nourishing life include: Dao Yin: guiding and smoothing the body with self-massage and soft and gentle stretching.

Qi Gong: working with and cultivating the body’s life force.
Dietetics: looking at what we eat and how we eat it.
Finding ways to observe and relate to our emotions.
Nourishing life practices are integral to all Chinese Medical therapies.

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